8 thoughts on “Waterloo Order Sheets”

        • Thanks for the feedback!

          We keep pushing for Bulge but keep getting stuck. We don’t want to force a game out if we’re not happy with it.

          We have a tactical WW2 game on Stalingrad that keeps moving forward leaps and bounds. It is a micro scale. Like each ‘unit’ is an individual soldier. Each player will lead a 4 soldier fire team. 3-4 fire teams will be a Squad. So 1 of the players will be the Squad Leader and try to coordinate the mission.

          We’ll keeping working on Bulge and several other WW2 designs too. It will come together. Those are top priority now. =)

          • Is there a schedule for the release of the next games in line? Also, what does Gettysburg operational scale mean?

          • Hey Rachel!

            We don’t set schedules for release. It has to be a good game that we really like before we publish it. Sometimes it takes longer like Bulge. Sometimes it comes together much quicker that we expect, like our WW2 Tactical game. That practically designed itself last week! It should get released later this year if all goes well.

            We do prioritize our design efforts based on what people want to see, so the feed back helps us focus! =)

            Good question. By operational scale we mean zoomed out to a bigger scale. It covers the wider area of theater. So it looks at how the armies marched around and then ended up colliding at Gettysburg for battle.

            I’ll post a few pix on our home page so you can get a better idea of what that looks like.

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