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  1. You forgot to include C1 Subervie Lancer cav in the set up Map FYI . He is in the OOB just place him to the left of CIV cav

  2. Looking more into this battle it seems there are some questions about the position of VI corps every map I have of the battle has the Guard cav positioned on the right behined CIV cav corps also Lobau ‘s VI corps is left of the roman road infont of the guard and behined Bachhelu’s division . All my maps have Domons Cav at Waterloo not at Wavre . I used Sam Mustava ,Andrew Uffindell, Geoffrey Wootten, ,David Hamilton- Williams and David Channdler . Not sure I am right but just trying to make a good game better . Thanks I am sure i missed plenty . Patrick

    • Ok, we’ve been looking into this and checking the OBs. You are right. Domon was at Waterloo with Subervie. They were attached to II Corps. We were going to adjust the Setups, but then I remembered why we did that…. Partially anyways.

      We are dealing with big units. Originally we started with tracking all the strength in men for them but play testers didn’t like the work with tracking that. :/ So we went with the hits and recovery system. It is an abstraction that comes close.

      All the Armies took losses at Ligny and Quatre Bras but they were spread out amongst many units. Technically, all the same units were there at Waterloo and Wavre but you can’t fight 2 battles with zero casualties and then reappear later to fight again.

      I forget all the particulars now but we added up the losses for those battles and decided to remove some blocks for later as ‘destroyed’. There is no perfect way to account for this. We tried to pick blocks to make sure the overall numbers came out right. That’s why there is no Domon at Waterloo when Domon was there. I just deleted him from the Wavre game. I think that was a mistake.

      You can be more precise if you work up an OB for the units, start from Ligny and Quatre Bras and count each hit as the loss of 500 men. Then by the time you get to Waterloo, you will have an accurate count with all the proper units. That’s going to take a lot more time though!! =) Is it worth it?

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