When to Be Fresh

Pub Battles Question: When do pieces become Fresh? At the beginning of every turn?

This is an important distinction to draw. No, regular combat pieces only become Fresh again when and IF they Rally. You may end up fighting the entire battle and never Rally a piece but we don’t recommend it.

A piece can only Rally during Movement, by NOT moving. Instead of making a move, it spends the time Rallying.

Don’t confuse this with HQs. We turn HQs to their Spent side to show they have already attempted to Alter this turn. You can only do that once per turn. Because of this, we do turn up all HQs to Fresh, at the beginning of every turn.

That can be confused…

4 thoughts on “When to Be Fresh”

  1. Thanks for the explanation. But does a unit need his HQ to be rallied ? His HQ next to the unit (a infantry move). And if it is the case , how many units can a HQ rally by turn ?
    And the last question : when using wagon train option, does HQ rally anyway ?

    For the moment, I don’t care the HQ. Just i don’t rally pieces when 50 % lost and when in ZOE of a enemy.

    • Does a unit need his HQ to be rallied?

      When using wagon train option, does HQ rally anyway?
      Technically, the HQ isn’t rallying. It is just turning to fresh so you can track if it has Altered yet or not. Yes, all HQs turn to fresh at the beginning of every turn. They do not need a baggage train for this.

      • Thank you, that’s the way I play it.

        PS : for the next Pub Battles ( after Austerlitz that i’m waiting for) It will be kind to play a battle taking place in the french prussian war of 1870.
        After all, it is the summit of he kriegspiel art, isn’t it ?
        The red imperial (or republican) army against dark Prussian and Bavarian … There are a lot of interesting battles like Froeschwiller, and so one.
        And I don’t think it is so different than the american ciil war.
        See you !

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