Supremacy -Mercenaries and Legionaries

Mercenaries and Legionaries. Do you have any plans to put this back out?


Boy, am I glad to see this game back on the market!!!

Thank you, guys!

Say, I used to have an expansion deck-box called: Mercenaries and Legionares. Do you have any plans to put this back out?






Thank you!  Glad you found us. 

We have gone through all the old expansion material, things covered by mercenaries, warlords, pirates, merchant marine, etc.  and completely revamped them.   We’ve taken the best parts and reorganized them into a new line of expansions.  What we have now works incredibly well. 

I highly recommend the Minors with the new Fortuna.   The Minors gives all the neutral areas forces.  Fortuna brings them to life with their own actions.  The result is absolutely amazing!!  Minors will build and get aggressive on their own.  They will seize companies in their country and even invade their neighbors to seize their companies.  This makes the game feel like the real world. 

Rising Crescent adds a Terrorist player that can build terror forces anywhere on the globe.  They can launch suicide, pirate attacks and even steal nuclear weapons.

The expansion with Subs accounts for the merchant marines and allows players to target resource transportation at sea.

We have 1 more expansion planned that will allow players to influence, control and manipulate minors.  Also covering unconventional forces.  Things like Coups, Civil Wars, assassinations, etc.       

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