Lots of great progress with our pirate game over this last year. This is really starting to come together!!

This has been a very tough design for us. We’ve been at it for years. We have 15-20 different pirate games now that really suck!!! lol…. If you need one, let us know. 🙂

We are committed to only releasing games that work. Games we really like. Sure we can make them look great but how do they play? Are they really good games? After many attempts and nearly giving up, I’m happy to report that we have a very promising and sound structure for an epic game now.

Our combat system needs a few tweaks. We need to refine and dial in our ship composition some. It works as is but we have several redundant systems in the design now. It needs some streamlining.

I’ve been taking sailing lessons this fall. How can I in good faith design a sailing game if I’ve never sailed before?!! After a couple of months of real sailing, I worked on our Pirate design last weekend. I was truly shocked at just how good of a model this was for sailing. It does a really amazing job of capturing the correct feel of maneuvering boats in the wind. We nailed it!!

My instructor was amazed at how quickly I picked sailing up. I hit the ground running. It was almost like I already knew how to sail. Yeah, that’s because I’ve been playing our Pirate game!

I love it when we can work this kind of ‘realism’ into a game. It is realistic but not tedious. It teaches you something you can actually use in the real world but it is also great fun!! Those are the very best kinds of games.

When do expect this little gem to be released? We are hoping for winter 2022. We already have most of the hard parts worked out. Just need a little time to refine and clean up. I can’t wait!!!

All New Supremacy 2021!

The all new edition of Supremacy is now available for Pre Order! Should be a short wait. We are hoping to begin shipping in about a month!

What’s New in this edition?

First off, all new minis!!!!

We love these things! We had planned to do these with our original Kickstarter but it was just too expensive then. Looking back, I’m glad we waited. These ended up much higher quality than we could have done back then anyways.

Let’s see, what’s next? Ah, new tracks along the bottom of the map! No more tedious change counting for constant transactions. It’s kind of cool for your first game to have a fist full of $100 billion and $1 trillion dollars bills but that gets old quick when you have to count change. This cuts a lot of work out of the game. More time to focus on the fun parts.

Now this 1 track along the bottom tracks everything in 1 convenient place. No more Strategic Reserve cards getting jostled around. This frees up a lot of table space. I really like how you can now see at a glance what everybody has. Everybody’s resources and missiles are now all on the same big track:

All new rules. Combat has been streamlined and simplified. Lots of little changes that bring this back to basics. There are several new optional rules that you can add in now. My favorite is the Alliance rule!

You’re my Ally? Ok, good because now it really counts. Guess what? You can’t suddenly backstab and attack an Ally. It is against the rules!!! You must formally withdraw from the Alliance first. That gives me a turn to get ready.

Next, we have real terrain. It adds a lot of realism with very little complexity. This gives the Defenders an advantage while defending in mountains, jungles, etc. As it should be.

What are all those blue lines? That is a monsoon weather zone. Bad weather can greatly hamper conventional operations in different zones depending on the time of year:

Playing with these rules gives you a lot more realism and accuracy for a ground war. This is very fun to play as just a conventional world war game without any of the nukes.

These new rules aren’t very complicated. They are also optional, so you can still play a clean and quick, classic game format for new players.

We expect high volume on this. We will ship them in the order we receive them. We’ll be buried here for awhile but will do our best to get them out in time for Christmas.

Yes, we are revamping all the expansions as well. First out will be new Minors. We are going to combine this with Fortuna. New Terrorists minis for Rising Crescent. Also a new Boomers & Bombers with minis to fill our the nuclear triad. Those are all in the works. I’d expect to see those coming out by spring. We have to work through this new release first. We’ll get there! =)

You can Pre Order here: