Computer Assisted Wargames

Computer games vs board games.  Which is better?  They both have their strengths and weaknesses.  I always like the “idea” of a computer wargame but I usually don’t like them.  All my favorite wargames are board games.


Computers excel at video and live animation graphics.  This is great if you are playing tactical or first person shooter but my favorite games are operational / strategic.

Board game ‘graphics’ win hands down on this.


You can instantly see the entire map.  No zooming or scrolling around.  You can instantly inspect stacks of units and move all the pieces.  No fuss.  I can’t explain it but there is something important about being able to touch and move the pieces by hand.  

Is it possible to marry the two?  Use the best of both formats, combined into 1 system?  It would be ideal if the computer could handle limited intelligence, complex combat, logistics and order delays.

What is your experience with Computer Assisted Wargames?  Does it work?  Have you ever seen an example of it working well?  Is this an impossible pursuit?




One thought on “Computer Assisted Wargames”

  1. Not a fan. Unless the computer is a dedicated device with the game. I don’t want my boardgame to ever stop being playable.

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