Kriegsspiel Dice


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Own a Piece of History From

The Game That Started it All

Authentic Kriegsspiel Dice

For use in the Von Reisswitz Prussian Wargame

beautifully republished by Too Fat Lardies



  • Standard 16mm in Black
  • All 5 Kriegsspiel Dice
  • Complementary Antique Kriegsspiel style.  They will look great on your table!

Note:  You must apply the stickers and you must also have the Kriegsspiel game to use them. 

I was skeptical about even making these.  What’s the point?  I have all the charts and tables in the rules.  If you have those, you don’t need special dice.  True but we decided to make some just for the nostalgia of having the real intended ‘apparatus’. 

Wow, were we surprised!  These make things so easy.  No looking up tables, numbers and charts.  It is so much faster and easier to just roll and apply the result.  The difference is really huge.  You don’t realize it until you use them. 

In fact, we are going to start looking into using this ‘old’ technology in all our games.  It’s pretty amazing when you think about it.  There are about 20 tables worth of info crammed onto 5 little dice.    

I was also concerned that all the tiny numbers on there would be too hard to see.  I thought we were going to have to move up to bigger sized dice.  Again, pleasantly surprised.  Even my old, failing eyes could make all the numbers out.   Looking back, I wish we would have done this a long time ago.


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