Pub Battles Dice -Big Print

If you’re like me, your eyes aren’t getting any better. I know. I hate it too! :/

We are testing out a new style of dice stickers. It is a cleaner and sleeker design: more graphical, fewer numbers, bigger easier to read font.

Big Print Edition Dice

I’ve been testing them out. I like them better. I guess the downside is that they look a little modern. They don’t have that old world, period look to them.

Standard Dice Now

We’re not sure yet if we want to make them available. What do you guys think? Do you like them better? Would you rather have these?

They are easy to change. The trick is to soak the dice in hot water for awhile. Then you just peel off the old stickers and wipe clean with a towel.

3 thoughts on “Pub Battles Dice -Big Print”

  1. Marshall, for ranged combat/FoF using pub dice, is the intent to switch to a lower die? For example, infantry using III for melee, and II for FoF?
    Thanks much!

    • Ranged fire was something we experimented with but dropped. It is not part of the official rules. I expect we’ll develop this concept further at the Kriegsspiel scale.

      The idea was to drop 1 die for ranged fire. The die numbers have to do with effect: bad, normal, good.

      So for the PB dice, Infantry would fire as Dragoons for ranged fire. Dragoons would fire like Detachments.

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