Pub Battles: Germantown

Now available to ship! This makes a very nice expansion to Brandywine. A full on battle using the same blocks. The map is much bigger. The maneuver options are much more open. The British are on defense here. The possibilities are endless.

Attack Upon the Chew House

The game with an open setup here at Germantown is endlessly fascinating. We’ll be doing a Blog and new video on how to do this.

Do I need the Update Kit?

Here is an easy way to tell. Look at your Brandywine blocks. Do you have a ‘Smallwood Militia’ included? If you have that piece, you do NOT need the Update. You are good to go!

5 thoughts on “Pub Battles: Germantown”

  1. How long until the Bull Run edition will be ready to ship? I want to pick up Germantown and Antietam but would like to save on shipping.

    • Our goals are to get the Waterloo KS set out by next week. Austerlitz by the end of Feb. 1st Manassas by the end of May. That should have an expansion set later with rules and blocks for 2nd Manassas!

  2. Oooh….

    Definitely interested.

    I’ve just ordered the Monmouth expansion.
    Germantown is definitely on the list for purchase!

  3. Hi,
    I have the Brandywine update but what about the “smallwood militia ” ? I don’t see it. Is there another name ?

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