Austerlitz is ready!!

From the very beginning with Pub Battles, we set out to game the impossible.  If it’s gonna break, break it early.  We have specifically targeted ‘ungamable’ battles like:  Brandywine, Antietam and Little Bighorn.  These games just don’t work on the table.  No player would do what they did.  Most designers avoid these battles.  The ones that take them on simply handcuff the players to history.  “Make them do what they did!”  That works in a way but it’s not very satisfying. 

Austerlitz ranks pretty high on the ungamable list.  We’ve been working on it for a couple of years now.  This battle really pushes the envelope, even for Pub Battles.  It did reveal a few gaps in our system.  Much of what we learned from Austerlitz became the 3.0 rules. 

As I look now at the Austerlitz scenario rules, I’m shocked at how short they are.  Where are all the extra rules it takes to make Austerlitz work?  There aren’t any.  It mostly just works right out of the box, or tube if you will.  This is a great sign!

What’s next?  Chancellorsville and Leuthen.  With all the infrastructure now in place, these battles seem easy.  Onwards and upwards.

It’s time to saber the champagne!!