New Supremacy Pieces

The all new expansions are almost ready for release!  Our first Print Run has been sold out for awhile now.  We thought this would make a great time to re-tool and update to keep everything consistent.

We have samples of the new pieces now.  We are expecting our first shipment of new pieces this week, so Supremacy will be back!

Here is the first Sneak Peak of the all new pieces:



We tried to match to the existing colors as best we could.  They are very close.

The armies are the same design but much bigger.  They are thicker and much easier to grab.  The edges are now smooth so they stand up easily.

We liked how one side is flat and smooth while the other is convex.  It is a subtle difference.  This will allow for possible advanced / optional rules later.  It essentially makes the pieces double sided, so you could designate multiple strength steps, Fresh/Spent, out of fuel status, etc.

They are sized to easily accommodate stickers also!  Since they stand up, we could have hidden rotating strength, HQs, Paratroops, etc.  I don’t know if Supremacy is meant for all those things but it’s nice to have options later.

The new Navies are patterned after the Zumwalt destroyer silhouette:

And yes, the new Armies stack neatly on the Navies for sea transport.

These are some of the new expansion pieces:  Carriers, Fighters, MBTs, Stealth Bombers.  We tried to keep them all together in a consistent Supremacy style:  sleek, minimalist, mod.  This is what many people prefer.

There is another crowd out there though…   The one that wants Minis!!!

Don’t worry, those are just around the corner.  We wanted to get the basic expansion rule sets out their first.  Over the next several months we are going to be working on production molds for A&A style minis to replace these basic pieces, for those that want them.  If all goes well, we should have those out by this summer.







Chaos to Order

Pub Battles Strategy Guide

The traditional turn format of I-GO-YOU-GO is very neat and orderly. The turn sequence actually helps organize your thinking.  Handy but that is not the way the real world works. 

Pub Battles forces you to think like a real commander. Real battlefields are chaotic.  Imagine a flurry of reports coming in real time, explosions, musket fire, smoke, orders going out.  Half the time you don’t even know where your own troops are, little lone the enemy.  (In Pub Battles, each Command moves in random order as their chit is pulled.  Your HQs can roll to alter this sequence.)

Just like the real world, Pub Battles are a chaotic mess. This realism is good and exciting.  For new players, it can be overwhelming.  Where do you even begin?  Just like in the real world, you can often find yourself running from one emergency to the next.  You are constantly putting out fires with knee jerk management, always 1 step behind.  It is great if the enemy is doing this.  This is exactly the situation you want to create for HIM. 

You need to be much more ….premeditated. Here are some tips to help keep you on the right track.

Before each turn, look at each Command. What would happen if the enemy moves first?  Is that a total disaster or can you deal with it?  Now what if the good guys move first?  How much hurt will this put on the enemy?  Do you want to move first or last?  How important is this right now? 

In many ways, Pub Battles is like Poker. There is hidden intel.  In many ways it is like a random, chaotic street fight.  New players often overlook the fact that it is also a lot like Chess.  You must keep your eyes firmly fixed on 1-2 moves ahead.  Where is this going?  Where do you want it to go? 



Who has already moved? This is really key.  The enemy command in front of you that has NOT moved, is very different from the one that HAS moved.

Now that you know who needs to go first or last, should you roll now for HQs? No.  Big mistake.  Just sit tight.  Bide your time.  Let’s see who comes out of the chute first.  Maybe it’s you!  You got first move naturally.  Great!  If the enemy doesn’t like it and tries to roll, there is a good chance they miss.  That gives you intell.  You know what the enemy wanted and you know he’s not happy.  If the enemy jumps ahead of you, you can still have the last say by jumping ahead of him.

Notice what happens if you jump the gun and roll to go first?  You just wasted your roll. If the enemy jumps ahead of you now, you have no chance to alter.  You wasted it!   

Sit up and pay attention if the enemy starts rolling to change a chit pull suddenly. That means they are in danger.  They don’t like the way it came down.  If the enemy doesn’t like it, that means you do!  Do what you can to counter their changes.  If this threat wasn’t on your radar, you better start asking yourself why?  What would happen if the sequence stays as it is?  What is the enemy so afraid of?  What can you do to maximize their pain? 




Move First When:

  • The enemy is spent. Move to engage them. This will force them to fall back or fight you on unfavorable terms.
  • Critical terrain is currently unoccupied.
  • The enemy can block off routes of escape.
  • You can move up to block a key route of the enemy’s escape or attack.

Move Last When:

  • You plan on falling back but want to delay the enemy. Just make sure you can still get out!
  • When expecting an enemy attack. If he goes first, you can commit support afterwards.
  • When attacking prepared positions, so the enemy cannot react.

If you do move last, try to think ahead to the next turn. What could you do with a double move?  Try to setup the first blow now.

If your artillery is in a separate command, try to get them to move right before your attacking command moves. That way you can contact the enemy defenders before they can Rally. Also the defenders may flat out run, so you can occupy their good terrain without a fight. 

If you must attack first, make sure you guard your flanks! Attack all the defenders in the line.  If you can’t, you will need an extra piece on your flanks. 

If you attack last, you don’t have to worry about this technically. You can make isolated attacks.  Just keep in mind what could happen if the enemy moves first next turn.  🙂




This is a lot to think about for each command isn’t it? Yes, that’s why Pub Battles works even better with a live player for each command.  Then each player can really focus on just their part of the front.  You can also add in written orders, which opens up a plethora of communication problems.  Now you’re really in command.   


Supremacy Pieces

We got some new test pieces in today for Supremacy.  What do you guys think?




We are torn on the colors.  The Bomber and SLBM colors are darker.  We like these because the contrast with the map better. 

The MBT and Sub colors match the existing pieces better. 

Which would you rather have? 

Mega Supremacy Event

Our first ever Mega Event and it is completely FREE!!    We are so excited. 

Supremacy is perfectly suited to be run as a Mega Game. In many ways, I think the system works better as a Mega Game. 

What is a Mega Game?  It is a large, multi-player event.  They often have 30-80 players in 1 game!  The countries are played by teams.  So you break the duties down by role:  President, Diplomat, General, Trader. 

I’ve always wanted to do this with Supremacy. The problem is always, where do you get enough players?  The Mega Game format solves this! 

More Players = More Fun

This is a Large Convention, Supremacy, Kriegsspiel and Roleplaying game all rolled into some big, crazy, wonderful mix.

Make it if you can. I know many of you are not in the area.  We will report on the results here on our site.  We hope to start doing regular events like this here in the Front Range area.  As this expands, we may be coming to your area!

If you would like to see a Mega Supremacy near you, email us your location.

How Does Mega Supremacy Work?

When and Where is this?


Speed Supremacy

The economics: trade, loans, bonds, resource cards, market etc are fascinating.  This is one of the most remarkable things about Supremacy.  They make an incredible model of world trade.  All of these things however add a lot of time to play.  Sometimes, we just want to fight!

These rules dramatically speed up the game. All the economics are cut out and streamlined.  It’s all boiled down to just attack and build. 

With everything stripped out, the Victory becomes much more clear. It is all about growth.  If you sit and build, your score is ZERO.  You must attack. 


Each player should start with their regular forces but no money.


Ignore all Salaries for your companies.   Everything is now free!

Blockades and Seizures work the same.


Instead of producing resources, just collect $100 BL in cash for each resource you have in cards.  


For Example, if this is your total cards:         3 Min    5 Grn    3 Oil

Your Income would be:  $300 + $500 + $300 = $1,100 BL


There is no Trading, Loans or Bonds. 

Instead of Grain, spend $100 BL in cash to Feed every 10 armies / naives.    


Instead of paying resources to move and attack, pay $200 BL cash for the regular 3 moves / fires.  The Defender must pay $100 BL for a committed defense.   


Instead of paying resources to move, pay $100 BL cash.



Building now only requires cash, no resources:

Army / Navy     $100 BL

ICBM                $500 BL

ABM                 $1,000 BL

You must still research to get new Company cards and build ICBMs & ABMs. The cost is the same:  $200 BL per card you turn over.

Ending the Game

Record your starting production at the beginning of the game.

Your total score is:

Total Ending Production – Starting Production

All New Fortuna 2020

We’ve been working on this expansion for quite some time now. We could have rushed it out the door long ago but it just didn’t feel right.  I might be too much of a perfectionist sometimes.  In this case, I’m glad I held out.  What resulted is really spectacular and well worth the wait. 

We really liked the ‘idea’ of the old Fortuna Deck: Add random events into the world.  True.  Often times random events can trigger world conflict.  I also think people were looking to the Fortuna deck to ‘fix’ the broken market.  Moving the market around at random loosened things up and gave players more chances to buy and sell.  In the old design, it did help. 


Well, the market is fixed now. It doesn’t need random moves.  What else did the deck do?  Apart from random market moves, it added natural disasters.  This sounded like fun to us at first.  In practice it gets old real quick.  How many massive typhoons, earthquakes, etc.  can hit per turn?  Seriously. 

Finally, we had a burst of inspiration: Why not use the Fortuna deck to control the Minor countries?  They just sit there and do nothing but get invaded.  In the real world, the actions of Minor countries can often prompt the Superpowers to act.  They trigger all kinds of world conflict, even war. 


So the new ‘deck’ controls the actions of Minors. Tin pot dictators pop up in Minor countries with varying degrees of annoyance.  They might just build up their army.  They might decide to seize all factories under their control.  They can actually invade their peaceful neighbors and seize those factories.  They can acquire ICBMs from the black market.  There can even be outbreaks of deadly pandemic viruses.  Perfect. 


We had one last improvement: we converted the ‘deck’ into dice!  So it’s not a deck at all really.  They are Fortuna Dice


We were inspired by a bit of old technology:  Kriegsspiel Dice.  It is amazing how much critical info can be packed onto a few tiny cubes.  No charts.  No tables. No rules.  Nothing to look up.  They are smaller, lighter and faster to use than a deck of cards.  A quick toss and bam, there’s the result. 

Sometimes the Old and Unimproved ways are simply much better.