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Austerlitz:  One Sharp Blow

One Sharp Blow is a Military Strategy Board Game where Napoleon attempts to defeat the Allies at the battle of Austerlitz.

-Highly acclaimed Pub Battles rules system. Known for command focus, fog of war, realism and replayability. Based on real combat data, officer experience and training principles from the era. Used to train officers in the US military and in military academies around the world.

• Period style map.
• Real Kriegsspiel style, hardwood pieces.

Playing Time: 1-2 Hours
Scale: 16,000:1
Complexity: Low wargame
Solitaire Suitability: High
Players: 1-6
Age: 12+


Components List

  • Main Rulebook 
  • Map, 24″ x 34″
  • Scenario rules & Setup
  • Measuring scale card
  • Hardwood blocks with custom stickers (34 French, 12 Austrian, 23 Russian long blocks.)  

Some Assembly Required

Learn more about the Pub Battles system.

Get the No Block Version and save by reusing the same Standard Blocks for all of your battles.  

Paper maps are folded in a game box.

Canvas maps are rolled in tubes.

Real maps of the period were printed on canvas.  This authentic, premium map is tough, durable and beautiful.  Printed on 100 year, museum quality, archival canvas.  It is water resistant, spill proof and lays flat and smooth.  Truly a work of art.  



How do you recreate Napoleon’s greatest victory?  With Pub Battles.  This game finally does Austerlitz right.  The hidden forces and an unknown OB gives Austerlitz an authentic feel, without forcing players into historical handcuffs.  


-“An Austerlitz game that finally works!”


Gamer’s Assessment

The true French Order of Battle is unknown.  The Allies must attack forcefully to capitalize on French weakness.  If they run into strength, they must be able to quickly transition to a secure defense.   

Beautiful large map.  More blocks than Marengo but less than Waterloo.  This hits the sweet spot.

Tons of replayability.  Yes, you can do what Napoleon did.  This game opens things up to the many other possibilities.  Craft your own brilliant plan of deception to defeat the Allies.  There are many ways to approach this battle from both sides. 

It is always fun to be Napoleon in a game but this game also presents a very interesting problem to the Allied player.  There are many ways for the Allies to approach this battle.  This game lets you explore and try them out.     

The unknown OB also works great for solitaire play! 


Historical Background

After defeating the Austrians at Ulm and occupying Vienna, Napoleon’s first campaign as Emperor should have been over. The Russians then declared war, joining the remaining Austrian forces. As winter approached, the long, tenuous French supply lines through enemy territory began to crumble. Worse yet, the Prussians were forming on the border, threatening to join the coalition. Napoleon needed a victory now!

A master of deception, he lured the Allies into attacking by thinking he was much weaker than he really was. As the Allies attacked his right, their center became dangerously weak. As Napoleon ordered his decisive counter attack on the Pratzen Heights he stated, “One sharp blow and the war is over.” It was. Austerlitz became Napoleon’s greatest victory.


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1 review for Austerlitz

  1. John Bethel (verified owner)

    I’ve recently received Little Big Horn and Austerlitz and have to say I’m overwhelmed by this system. I’ve both board and mini war gamed for over 30 years and never had as much enjoyment as this system offers.

    There is a beautiful simplicity to the game system, that allows you to focus on the strategy needed to win. A simple, yet intriguing movement and combat system that does not require you to constantly refer to the rulebook.

    The maps are quiet simply things of beauty. I found myself pouring a large wine (it is called pub battles after all! !) whilst studying the slopes and contours of the battlefield, avenues of attack came into view as did solid defensive positions.

    To be able to play a large battle to conclusion in an evening is to me a real bonus, I can arrange games at short notice and just turn up with my “tube”. I don’t need to rearrange furniture to lay out the map or require a degree in mathematics to just organise my Army.

    I’d strongly recommend this series, it works for the serious gamer who wants to try out both historical and alternative strategies, whilst still welcoming new players with its slimmed down ruleset.

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